Do You Know a Romantic?
May 15, 2017

Why do I write stories of Suspense and Contemporary Romance with Passion?

I write stories of Suspense and Contemporary Romance with Passion because I enjoy an epic love story.  It’s more than the meeting of two individuals and feeling the sparks and tingling excitement of new love.  It’s the experience of the Love of Legends, the deep Love that’s so consuming, that once experienced, it threatens to cause death if it no longer exists…in short…the Love of Romantics.   For me, it has to be a great a Love story…a love that: trumps adversity; gives courage to buck the status quo; and brings heartwarming happiness.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with my world, I enjoy escaping into their world.  How do I know that?  If I can identify with the characters to an extent that they become real to me, and when not reading their experiences, Ibecome truly lonely and ache for their company.

But my most compelling reason for writing stories of Legendary Love is because I’m a Romantic, and Romantics see things differently than those that are not.  The challenge of a Romantic in today’s world of practicality is finding another Romantic.  That doesn’t mean you can’t find someone to love, there are plenty of those good folks, howeverdiscoveringa Romantic is a time consuming quest easily compromised and part of the suspense of their existence.  But it is a search well worth it, for their pairing produces explosive Love with Passion, for it’s part of a theirDNA, bubbling just below the surface, only activated when in the presence of an elusive Romantic.  That’s the world I write of, the realityI want to share and the novels Romance Readers love to read.

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