Corinne Julienne

Suspenseful Contemporary Romance with Passion

Protecting His Love

What if you invited your mother, your fiancée’s adult children and other close friends to witness your surprise wedding but four days before it should take place you land in an Italian prison because of your bride’s past is now impacting your future happiness and even your freedom? Would a phone call from your mother telling you that the secret you never told anyone now, has produced a pregnancy with your ex fiancée, a woman you never wanted to be married to;that now fills you with the debilitating fear that the One you must marry will reject your being her husband because of forcing you to do the “right thing” to become a father instead, when you were the wronged party?Would you wonder if the craziness you thought you were escaping in New York had followed you to Florence?

Then you understand how Prescott Hamilton feels. As the powerfulbillionaire Head of Global Communications, a man used to getting his own way,and forcing things to happen as he wants; his greatly desired life of being Liz Wakefield’s husband is crumbling before his eyes and he’s helpless to do anything about it. The only one able to rescue him from certain death, if he does not become her husband,is Liz, and she might self-sacrifice herself to enable him to do what he does not want.

She confessed her rape to him. Will he be brave enough to disclose his too? Will he be able to say the four letter word that he can’t believe happened to him? Will his confession of having endured the same do more than relieve his soul or will she be able to demonstrate her belief that from every evil comes good and allow him to hear the words he lives to hear and be the one thing he wants to be more than anything else?

You will need to wait till December when CarpeDiem 4 is released to learn his fate and what the craziness following them actually means and why Protecting His Love, is his version of the story. But for now, leave your email address with us so we can let you know the latest release information, as well as when new book trailers, events and activities are happening.

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