Corinne Julienne

Suspenseful Contemporary Romance with Passion

Prelude to a Love Story

Not all love stories start with finding your spouse having sex in your bed! Even fewer flourish when a bigoted and misogynistic Office Manger stymies your progress and success at every turn possible. Nor does being rejected before you even have a chance to explain how your expertise can be beneficial become the basis of a deep relationship, because the unlikeable alpha billionaire CEO won’t give you the time of day. How can there be a Happy Ever After with experiences like that? That’s exactly what and how Liz Wakefield feels...dead inside and disenchanted with life.

But sometimes terrible endings are the start of great beginnings, preludes to a legendary love story because finding one’s Romantic Other is a truth serum that can’t be denied and the source of courage to have a second chance at happiness.