Corinne Julienne

Suspenseful Contemporary Romance with Passion

Issues Of Survival

How can the loving gifting of a trip to Florence be the unwitting source of the revival of a dark secret,whichseeks to control you once more and puts your fiancé in an Italian prison, all the while overshadowing the fact that your life is still in danger, but this time now on two continents?

This is the plight of Liz Wakefield, who after an estrangement from her beloved Prescott Hamilton, struggles to get in sync with him again. His multiple billionaire solutions to recapture her, constantly overwhelms her to the point of being breathtaking... literally! Butwhen she feels the need to confess her past because it might be an embarrassment to the famous man and offers to release him from their engagement, his response makes his feelings clear.As does his alpha rage upon his encounter with her ex, which presents an opportunity tocome to her aide and strikethe man forbeing her rapist... twice. However, more than anything else, it’s his subsequentactions which clarify there can no longer be a question of her commitment to him orto the dangers they will soon face and need to overcome.

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