Corinne Julienne

Suspenseful Contemporary Romance with Passion

In Pursuit Of Happiness

Prescott Hamilton on the surface is the enviably handsome, stealthful womanizer, and much feared billionaire Chairman/President and CEO of Global Communications, but truthfully he’s a frustrated Romantic who since he cannot find his true love projects himself to be what he Is not, which in turn, makes everyone around him just as miserable and obnoxious. That is until he meets the woman he has avoided meeting for 3 years, Elizabeth Wakefield. He’s smart enough to know she is like no other, but unlike other women he has known, she isn’t mesmerized by him and is intent to remain unreachable. His only hope is to give her more than she expects, his company’s Pension Account, and with that prize, to begin the activities to enmesh her into his reality and then the ultimate goal, to make her fall in love with him.

As a successful businessman he’s skilled in overcoming many diverse coinciding obstacles at the same time to achieve his goals, but now these simultaneous issues facing him might be critically too overwhelming: the refusal of the Woman Of His Dreams to take him seriously as a suitor because he’s 20 years her junior; the disapproval of his mother and her allegiance and efforts to secure an un-wanted, overdue marital choice for him; the wolf pack mentality of other men providing unwelcome competition for Liz’s affections; the women of his past who won’t stay that way, and the series of unexplained events that threaten to end the life of the One who gives him life and who means so much to him in his Pursuit Of Happiness.

In September, The Pursuit of Happiness will be available,and you can find out if completing his arduous mission accomplishes the outcome that he wants. But for now, leave your email address with us so we can let you know the latest release information, as well as when new book trailers, events and activities are happening.

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