Corinne Julienne

Suspenseful Contemporary Romance with Passion

A Second Chance At Happiness

How many times can the day of your birth radically change your life? The day you were born was unexpected, but can lightning strike twice, to make your 60thjust as turbulent? It can if on that day: you unexpectedly get a chance to do business with the billionaire CEO of the premier communications corporation; while acquiescing to his attempts to be more than an average client, sucks you into the drama vortex that swirls around him; since he wants you butothers don’t agree and that makes you a target of homicidal attempts.All because they don’t want you to have what should be theirs.

As a professional Investment executive, Liz Wakefield knows the im-portance of acquiring affluent investors as clients, and what managing their portfolios means to her business and production. Attaining a portion of the portfolio of Prescott Hamilton, Chairman/President & CEO of Global Communications is the reason she has tenaciously taken the initi-ative for three years to bring to his attention various financial opportuni-ties that would benefit him and make him a client. However his percep-tion of her unsolicited service as a bane of to his existence and his in-structions to treat her communications as junk mail, thwarts her success until the fateful day that he meets her. Where her intentions of not fra-ternizing with him, witha solely professional relationship, his is anything but. To do so is to acknowledge the shambled state of her personal life and her need for a second chance ...a second chance at happiness..

Elizabeth Wakefield soon learns this is her fate becauseher body knows the truth, way before her heart and certainly her head, that an elusive Romantic is within her proximity, and though in premise he is what she always hoped to find, moving forward with Prescott Hamilton demands unusual strength of courage.For ignoring factors of professional impro-priety;great wealth and social disparity;his reputation of and propensity towomanize; the powerful alpha personality; obvious sexual and deep emotional attraction to her;all palesagainst the most difficult one: the 20 years that makes him her junior.

For both their sakes, if Liz is to experience the passionate love of being with and enjoying complete happiness from the devotion of a Romantic man, to the point of even revealing her own Romantic personality, she must commit to the ideal of CarpeDiem, breaking away from the safety of the judgmental confines she lives by and knows so well. It will take a lot, and their fear, she may not.